SIDS Foundation, Inc.

"The Life Guide Journey To Truth"

The Life Guide Journey to Truth

SIDS Foundation, Inc is a multi-faceted organization that is committed to building collaborative partnerships , increasing economic development, empowering educational advancement and sustaining healthy communities. As advocates, we stand in the gap for individuals without a voice, yet we are constantly forging and fostering "vast changes and awareness" within the demographics we serve.

We offer:

  • The Life Guide Journey to Truth Support Group Program (8 week class)
  • Partnerships with the Department of Corrections, Department of Parole and Department of Assistive Rehabilitative Services
  • Re-entry Services-Assisting individuals on parole or recently released from prison.
  • Juvenile Behavioral Modification Program
  • Fatherhood Initiative
  • Relapse and Recovery Support Groups
  • Maternal Child & Health Services (Pregnant and Parenting Teens)
  • Case Management
  • Resource and Referrals Services
  • At-Risk Youth Programs
  • Family Re-unification